Netgear WiFi Extender

Game Lag and the Need for WiFi Extenders

Last Christmas, I bought my son an Xbox One. He wanted his own little “man cave” so we set it up in the basement. Since my router is upstairs, we configured the Xbox as a wireless connection. I checked the WiFi signal strength and it reported to be very good. After a few days, my […]

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Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″

On Sale Now! Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″!

Currently on sale until September 13, 2015 is the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″ (Previous Generation – 3rd). Depending what option you select to purchase, you could save up to $100 on this electronic device! This version of the Kindle Fire comes with both a rear and front facing HD camera. It can take high resolution […]

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